Child Support Enforcement

The mission of Hancock County CSEA, is to operate a program for support enforcement in Hancock County that complies with both federal and state law and to provide all services relative thereto, in a courteous, professional manner.

If you would like to contact your caseworker by phone:


  • If the absent parent’s last name begins with…

    • A – Cun call Alan @ 419-429-8028

    • Cur – Halk call Sandi @ 419-429-8063

    • Hall – Lem call Elizabeth @ 419-429-8066

    • Len – Pes call  419-429-8030

    • Pet – Sm call Kristi @ 419-429-8003

    • Sn -Z call Lindsey @ 419-429-8005

    •  For all Interstate Inquiries call Debbie @ 419-429-8021

    • For all Paternity/Establishment questions call Carmen @ 419-429-8016


If you would like to contact us online, please fill out the form below:

Please fill out the information below. Please allow us 3 working days to respond to this email inquiry before contacting our office.
  • Last four digits of your Social Security number, or SETS number.
  • Case worker is based on the first letter of the last name of the person who pays the support. Please select the appropriate one from the list.
  • Name of Other Party Involved/Obligor

  • Last four digits of other party/obligor Social Security number, or SETS number.
  • Please enter the letters from the image above to complete the form.