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Through its partnerships with community organizations and state and federal government agencies, Hancock County provides a number of services to families and individuals in need of assistance. These services range from food stamps, cash assistance, and child care subsidies to child support enforcement, job training, and access to medical care.

Listed below are the current open positions at Hancock County JFS

  • Student Help

    Student Help Position Description

  • Social Services Supervisor 2

    SSS 2 Position Description    SSS 2 Minimum Qualifications

  • Eligibility Referral Specialist 2

    ERS 2 Minimum Qualifications         ERS 2 Position Description


  • If you are interested in any position listed above, please fill out the form below and attach your resume.






Hearing for proposed Title XX County Social Services Plan on 4/23/19 at 1:15 pm

Public Notice The Hancock County Job and Family Services Planning Committee will hold a public hearing to obtain public comment on the 2020 Comprehensive Title XX Social Services Plan (CTXXSSP) County Profile. This hearing will be held on Tuesday, AprilContinue Reading