To assure the children of Hancock County greater protection from abuse and neglect, preserving families whenever possible. This will be accomplished utilizing available resources and working with the community to eliminate service gaps.

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PHOENIX  8/31/2004

Meet Phoneix….Phoenix is a well-mannered and polite 15 year old who recently started his freshman year. Phoenix likes football, basketball and baseball.  Recently, Phoenix’s grades were good and Phoenix stated that he has been working hard to get good grades.  Phoenix likes to talk about his hobbies including sports and cars.  Phoenix also enjoys going out to eat.

Phoenix is proud to tell the story that during his 8th grade trip to Washington DC, he was chosen by his peers to receive a flag that was flown over the Capital Building, due to Phoenix being considered respectful and helpful to others.   Way to go Phoenix!!

Phoenix will do best with parents that are patient, understanding and can calmly work through his issues.  He will need parents that can advocate with the schools to make sure his educational needs are met and who will participate in therapy with him.

If you are interested in learning more about Phoenix, please submit homestudies to:

Tricia Wagner

7814 County Road 140, Findlay, OH  45840


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The agency has permanent custody of Dylan and he is in need of a forever home.

Dylan is an active, energetic boy.  He loves the family  dog, young children and makes friends easily.  Dylan enjoys camping, being outside, playing football and video games.

Dylan likes to spend time in family activities with his foster family and with his adult sibling and her family.


Home studies, including Child characteristics checklist, of interested families are to be forwarded to:

Tricia Wagner, Hancock County Job and Family Services

7814 County Road 140, P.O. Box 270, Findlay OH 45839

Fax: 419424-7485  Phone: 419-429-8001






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Joseph is a very smart and talented 15-year-old man. Joseph likes to have fun by playing board games, card games, and going to arcades. Joseph does well with one-on-one connections and can be very talkative. Joseph also enjoys sketching and building models. Joseph has faced many challenges; however, he is very resilient and keeps moving forward.

Joseph needs to be adopted into a caring and loving home that can be loving and compassionate. Joseph needs a family that can give him adequate one on one time and understand him as a person.

For more information or to submit your adoptive homestudy, please have your adoption worker contact or send homestudy to:  Tricia Wagner

7814 County Road 140, Findlay, OH  45840


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Meet Aluanna!  Aluanna is caring and always thinks of other people’s feelings.  She is friendly and thoughtful.  Aluanna is family oriented and dedicated to family connections.  Aluanna enjoys music, arts, animals and of course Starbucks!  She is adventurous when it comes to new hair styles and strives to get better at putting on make-up!

Please send homestudies to:

Tricia Wagner

7814 County Rd. 140, Findlay, OH  45840

If your interested in Aluanna please click here.

Ella and Connor

Ella is smart, creative, insightful, strong willed, and has a positive work ethic. Ella loves horses. She enjoys dancing, singing and wants to learn to play an instrument. She loves playing outdoors, riding her bike, helping with the animal chores. Ella needs a strong but gentle figure to help her emotionally regulate. She craves attention and reassurance. Taking a timeout is very effective for her. She also does well with mindfulness exercises and yoga to help her find calm when she is feeling overwhelmed.

Conner is intelligent, empathetic, kind-hearted, and inquisitive. He is also good with animals. Conner loves cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. He is interested in wood working, dirt bikes, bikes, and video games. Connor responds well to a coaching/mentoring relationship. When he has made a poor decision, he is self-aware and can be guided by open ended questions that allow him to flesh out his choices, take responsibility and then come to terms with an appropriate consequence. He is able to bond well with others and accepts compliments, affection and concern from others.

Please send homestudies to:

Tricia Wagner

7814 County Rd. 140, Findlay, OH  45840


If your interested in Ella and Connor please click here.