Child Support Enforcement

The mission of Hancock County CSEA, is to operate a program for support enforcement in Hancock County that complies with both federal and state law and to provide all services relative thereto, in a courteous, professional manner.




1. I think my child’s mother/father is still in the area. What information does your agency need from me to find this person?

2. What happens when the Hancock CSEA has confirmed a current address for the obligor / non-custodial parent or employer?

3. What tools are available to help locate non custodial parents when they have failed to provide address or employment information?

4. What if I want the address for the other party in my case?

5. What happens to my case if the CSEA is unable to locate the non custodial parent?



1. Most important, the CSEA needs the social security number and current employer’s name and address; also helpful are the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any relatives, friends, or past employers who might know where he/she works or lives. Please provide any information you may have regarding the following affiliations; unions, local clubs or organizations.

2. Upon verification through either a postal or employer verification the investigator will update SETS (Support Enforcement Tracking System). Once SETS is updated all letters, notices, or legal documents will be sent to the appropriate home address and wage withholdings will be sent to any verified employers, or legal action may be pursued.


  • New Hire Report
  • Credit Bureau Inquires
  • Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • Subpoenas
  • Postal verifications
  • Employment verifications
  • Internet and Databases
  • Tips Received- The Hancock County CSEA requests that the public provide the agency with information regarding parents who refuse to pay their ordered child support. Please contact our anonymous 24hour/ 7 day a week tip line at (513) 695-1569. Please leave a detailed message regarding employment information, location and/or address information, or any other relevant information that will assist the CSEA with enforcement of the case.

4. You must send your request in writing to the Hancock County CSEA. The agency will then send a letter to the other party explaining that a request has been received for the release of their address. If the other party provides a written release for that information, the CSEA will provide you the address.

5. The Hancock County CSEA will utilize all available tools to locate the non custodial parent. Many of our enforcement techniques require a valid address in order for the CSEA to proceed. It is imperative that you provide our agency with any information that would assist our investigators in locating the non custodial parent.