Child Support Enforcement

The mission of Hancock County CSEA, is to operate a program for support enforcement in Hancock County that complies with both federal and state law and to provide all services relative thereto, in a courteous, professional manner.

Enforcing the Support Order



1. What does it mean to be in default of a Child Support Order?

2. What Administrative Enforcement measures can the Hancock County CSEA take?

3. My child is over 18 and my ex owes me $15,000 in arrearages. Will the Hancock County CSEA collect this money for me?

4. What if the other party is collecting unemployment compensation. Can child support payments be deducted and sent to me?



1. If you get behind at least one full month in child support payments, you are in default. You will be notified via mail with a Default Notice. Upon receipt of this notice, if you do not agree that you are in default, you may request an administrative hearing. A final and enforceable determination of default has consequences, please read further.

2.If a final and enforceable determination of default has occurred on a case the Hancock County CSEA may utilize any or all of the following administrative enforcement techniques:

  • Wage Withholding
  • Intercepting federal and state tax refunds
  • Reporting delinquent accounts to the credit bureau
  • Suspending drivers, recreational and professional licenses
  • Wanted Posters
  • Freezing and Seizing assets held in a financial institution through the Financial Data Match Program (FIDM)
  • Placing liens on certain property
  • Issuing an order to seek work

In addition to these administrative enforcement tools the CSEA may also take judicial action through civil contempt charges or criminal non-support.

3. Yes, our agency will collect all back child support until paid in full. Different rules apply to court orders from other states, please contact us for additional information.

4. Yes, Unemployment compensation and other State and Federal benefits can be withheld for child support.

Please see additional information under OCDA Fact Sheets.