Child Support Enforcement

The mission of Hancock County CSEA, is to operate a program for support enforcement in Hancock County that complies with both federal and state law and to provide all services relative thereto, in a courteous, professional manner.

Child Support Payments



1. Why is the amount of my check different or less than usual?

2. What if my child support check gets lost in the mail?

3. Where do I send my payment?

4. Can I still make my payments at the CSEA?

5. Where do I call regarding whether my payments have posted?

6. What if I mistakenly mail my payment to the CSEA instead of the Ohio Child Support Payment Central (OCSPC)?

7. How long does it take for payments to begin once an income wIthholding is sent?

8. Is there a limit to the amount of money that can be taken from my paycheck for child support?

9. What if I am self-employed, how can I have my payments withheld?

10. How long will it take the payment to process?



1. Once the full current child support obligation and arrearage order is satisfied for the month the administrative fees that are owed are then taken from the payment. Often this means that the custodial parent will get a smaller check at the end of the month when processing fees are deducted.

2. Please allow at least 14 days since the date that the check was issued then contact the Hancock County CSEA for a stop payment affidavit.

3. Individual Payers send payments to Ohio Child Support Payment Central, PO Box 182372, Columbus, OH 43218.

4. Not at this time.  We ask that you send your payment to the Columbus address above, as there could be a delay in the payment processing.

5. Please call the Ohio Office of Child Support voice response unit (VRU) at 1-800-860-2555.

6. The Hancock County CSEA will forward the payment to Columbus. This will cause a delay in the amount of time it takes for your payment to process. If this becomes a regular occurrence our agency will contact you to correct this situation.

7. Typically the process takes 2-4 weeks, and depends on your payroll schedule. You must continue to pay on your own until your wage withholding becomes effective.

8. The amount that can be withheld from an employee’s disposable wages is limited by the Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act to 50 percent of disposable earnings if an obligated parent has a second family and 60 percent if there is no second family. These limits are each increased by 5 percent (to 55% and 65%) if payments are in arrears for a period equal to 12 weeks or more. This does not relieve you from paying your entire child support order.

9. The Hancock County CSEA can assist with the set up of a direct withdrawal from your bank account.

10. The Hancock County CSEA does not process the payments All payments are processed through the CSPC (Child Support Payment Central). Generally there is a two day turnaround time for processing payments.