HCJFS Seeking Transportation Company/Program

Hancock County Job and Family Services is seeking qualified transportation companies or programs to provide transportation for individuals to and from work for all shifts in the Findlay and Hancock Co. area. 


This program is paid for by Federal Funds.  Therefore, seek Hancock County Job and Family Services is not able to pay for no-shows.


If interested please submit interest in writing no later than 4:30 August 19, 2016 by emailing diana.hoover@jfs.ohio.gov, or by mail in the enclosed self-addressed envelope, or drop interest off at 7814 CR 140.


Letters of Interest should include the following rates at a minimum:

  • Hours available to transport.
  • Transportation rates within Findlay city limits.
  • Transportation rates outside of Findlay city limits, but within Hancock County.
  • Transportation rates outside of Hancock County.
  • Reimbursement requirement for tolls and parking fees based on actual cost as applicable.


Inquiries may be emailed to Diana Hoover at diana.hoover@jfs.ohio.gov or by calling 419-429-8073.