JOBsolutions Offers New Small Business Development Resources

FINDLAY— JOBsolutions has unveiled several new resources to benefit entrepreneurs and small business owners.

A Small Business Development function has been added to the website at  This free tool allows small business owners and entrepreneurs a platform to seek “expert” advice from a small group of Hancock County professionals.  Participating members of the business panel include the Small Business Administration, [KAH1] JOBsolutions, The University of Findlay, Hancock Regional Planning Commission, Community Action Commission, Owens Community College and the Findlay•Hancock County Alliance, which includes the Findlay•Hancock County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development office.

The project was coordinated with cooperation from the Findlay•Hancock County Alliance and allows business owners the opportunity to seek advice from the panel in a secured, private communication via  Business owners will access the website and submit their questions. These will be fielded by The Alliance and answered directly by the expert with the most knowledge about that subject. Any business owner or entrepreneur can sign up for the resource online.  The Alliance will serve as the coordinator to make sure requests are handled in a timely manner and the proper follow-up is conducted.

“The Chamber’s Center for Entrepreneurship Advisory Council has been working in tandem with JOBsolutions to provide additional resources, including program offerings, to help area businesses grow and prosper,” said Dionne Neubauer, Director of the Findlay•Hancock County Chamber of Commerce. “This new resource provides one central location for those seeking support, and guides individuals to specialized areas to meet their needs.”

As a partner in this effort, “Assessing and assisting the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs is very important for the growth of our local economy” states Dr. Chris Ward, Associate Professor at The University of Findlay.   “This new system will allow us to quickly evaluate the needs of the client and determine the best person to assist the client at that point in time”.

Antony Iriti, Director of Findlay•Hancock Economic Development, agreed.

“This new Small Business Development resource is a great tool for existing businesses looking to expand and for entrepreneurs looking for some professional guidance to get their ventures off the ground. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved…business owners and the economic climate in Findlay and Hancock County,” Iriti said.

Another valuable resource now available at JOBsolutions is the Small Business Resource Room for current small business owners and entrepreneurs.

“Small business is the life-blood of many communities,” said Carolyn Rodenhauser, Workforce Development Administrator.  “The new Resource Room provides entrepreneurs a place to go to gather information and speak with specialists about the specific topics new business owners must be knowledgeable about to succeed.”

The Resource Room contains a wide variety of information for new and potential small business owners on such topics as research and planning a business; choosing a location; financing; the legal aspects associated with small business operation; taxes; permits; and more.   Counselors are also available to review business plans. There is no charge to use materials or seek assistance from job counselors.

The Small Business Resource Room is open during regular business hours 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  For more information, call JOBsolutions at 419-422-3679.

JOBsolutions is an employment resource that works with its partner agencies to enhance workforce preparation and grow area employment levels.  JOBsolutions staff and representatives from its partner agencies are available at the One Stop Center located at 7746 CR 140, Suite B, Findlay.


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Ohio’s Electronic Child Care Swipe Card System

Important News for Child Care Providers About

Ohio’s Electronic Child Care Swipe Card System

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) is excited to announce the new Ohio Electronic Child Care (Ohio ECC) swipe card system. This new system will allow child care providers to track the attendance of publicly funded children in their care. In the coming months, sales Ohio ECC will be implemented across the state.

The new system requires caretakers to record attendance using a swipe card to check children in and out of care. Caretakers will swipe their cards through a card?reading device – known as a Point of Service (POS) device – which is like credit/debit?card readers used in stores. All child care providers caring for children with current authorizations will receive a POS device for caretakers to use.

As a result, shop providers will no longer need to submit invoices to the county. The attendance information entered is sent directly to ODJFS from the POS device through your phone line. Attendance and payment detail reports will be available to providers on the Ohio ECC provider web site.

ODJFS has contracted with Affiliated Computer Systems (ACS) to develop and implement this system. Beginning in late March, and for several months thereafter, ACS and ODJFS will offer a series of “webinars.” Webinars are meetings conducted over the Internet to give you more information, demonstrate the new system, and provide an opportunity to ask questions.

ACS’s business partner, Media Riders, Inc. will call you to arrange a time to install the POS device and train you on how to use it. There is no charge for the POS device or the training. All installers have passed strict security checks and will have photo identification.

More information about the Ohio ECC system will be posted on the CCIDS web site, . We will also continue to send updates to providers via e?mail in the “CCIDS Provider E?Blast”, including the schedule for webinars.

Please expect a mailing from ACS containing more details about the POS device and the installation process.

ODJFS and ACS look forward to working with the provider community as we implement Ohio’s ECC system.